OSS2022 is organized within the Core-to-Core Oxide SuperSpin International Network involving experimental and theoretical groups in UK, Japan, South Korea, and Italy. The aim of OSS2022 is to bring together members of the Network along with leading scientists in the field of advanced materials and interface research to discuss frontier research in the area of novel superconductivity at oxide superconductor interfaces with magnetic materials.
Through a better understanding of materials processing and properties, one can envision achieving full control over superconducting symmetry at oxide interfaces and to be able to gain access to the fundamental mechanisms underlying the science of advanced oxide interfaces and unconventional superconductivity. 

The workshop will cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of the field, with a focus on structural, magnetic and electronic properties of superconducting heterostructures, correlated electron matter, topological insulators and semimetals, surface states of topological systems and their interplay with conventional orders.